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Sasha Gassel

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(781)710 6863, (781) 599-4106


1990 Modern Liturgy Visual Arts Award
1990 Massachusetts Artists Fellowship Program. Painting Award Recipient. Finalist
1989 Curator’s Award. National Competition "In Search of the American Experience" Museum of National Arts Foundation, New York, NY

Alexander Gassel. graduated from Moscow Institute of Arts and Graphics in 1970 with an MA in Fine Arts. From 1970 to 1980, he worked at the Grabar Center for the Restoration and Preservation of Art in Moscow, Russia restoring and copying medieval Russian icons. Influenced by this experience, the artist began to create his own original paintings in an ancient technique: egg yolk tempera. The artist often applies gold or silver leaf on the paintings. Based on traditional old European artistic values, his new art works often employ a surrealistic combination of details from different civilizations. His works could be found in museums in Europe and public and private collections in the USA.