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Yoshi Mizutani

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Still life, landscape, figure and portrait painter

Yoshi Mizutani was born in Japan to an artistic family. He started to paint watercolors seriously by the age of ten, and by the age 16 he was trained in basic drawing techniques and introduced to oil painting. Driven by a strong desire for further training in the Western realistic tradition, Yoshi left Japan when he was 18 to study the Old Masters paintings in Italy, Spain and France. Subsequently, he relocated to the United States and spent seven years completing his studies with portrait painter Robert Cormier at the R.H. Ives Gammell Atelier. Yoshi then moved back to Spain where he executed many commissioned portraits while continuing his studies of the Old Masters, Velasquez and Sorolla in the Museums of Madrid. During this time, his works were exhibited in Barcelona galleries.

In the spring of 2001, Yoshi returned to Boston, where he now resides. His work utilizes academic drawing with an impressionistic palate.